Ugly Christmas sweaters made for summer.

All-over printed tees - front, back and sleeves - perfect for Christmas in summer.
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Ugly Christmas sweaters, made for summer.

Hot days and warm nights, going to the beach and day drinking in the sun. That’s an Australian Christmas.

Do you know what’s not? Sweaters.

We present to you, Sweater Tees. Utterly iconic, all-over Christmas sweater designs, now available in on tee shirts. 

These are not your cheap, small-rectangle-on-the-chest designs. Our shirts are printed all-over – front, back and sides.

Want to know more about why I made Sweater Tees?


What are Sweater Tees?

Sweater Tees are t-shirts that have an ugly Christmas sweater design printed all over – front, back and sleeves. Unlike every other ugly Christmas sweater shirt that I’ve seen, which only contain a sweater pattern printed in a rectangle on the front, these shirts have the pattern printed onto the fabric, which is then cut and sewn into your shirt so every millimetre is covered in the glorious ugly Christmas sweater design. Sweater Tees are made to order.

Because Christmas in Australia is HOT – like over 40°c (104°f) – and every year I would check to see if someone somewhere is making a tee shirt with an ugly Christmas sweater all-over print. And each year I was left disappointed. Over the years I have made a couple of all-over print sweater tees because I couldn’t find them online, and thought “no one else is making these, I should make and sell them”. And now I’ve gone and done that.

The process of making each shirt individually, to order, is expensive. However, this is the only way we can get our idea out into the world without having to put in a significant initial investment (which we don’t have). We make less than AU$3 per shirt, and our goal is to just cover the cost of the domain and webhosting. If we make enough to cover the webhosting and domain and have enough left over, we’ll eventually be able to get bulk order discounts which will significantly reduce the cost per item (by around $20!).

As each garment is made individually, to order, so there is both manufacturing time and shipping time. The manufacturing time is up to 5 business days at our manufacturers facility in Latvia. And shipping to Australia from the manufacturing facility is up to 20 business days.